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The Pirton Website

The most important way that this website helps with historical information is by making the Pirton Historic Photograph and Document Archive (the Pirton 'Archive) available to all who have internet access.  This has been challenging to say the least, but the work is tremendously interesting.  Of course it is not finished yet (can it ever be?) with only about 200 to 300 photographs added so far, I currently have about 700 and I will be adding them as soon as possible.  I also have 100s of documents, newspaper cuttings etc.  Please be patient they will appear, but the cataloguing and preparation takes a long time!

To find out more visit the Historic Photograph section (see left hand margin) and I hope that you enjoy it.  So many people have helped by providing their precious photographs and documents and I am grateful to all of them, so please visit the acknowledgements area.

Of course this section will continue to grow and if you can help by providing more photographs, documents and information I would be pleased and very grateful.  More details of this are given in the Historical Photograph & Document sections.

Jonty Wild

The Pirton History Website

Excellent work has and is being undertaken by the Pirton Local History Group.  Much of this work has resulted in publications Books and from July 2006 an excellent well planned website which provides a unique resource for the village of Pirton (click here for list), a direct link to it is  Pirton History Website.

I hope that www.pirtonarchive.org.uk (this website) also adds significantly to the historical records of Pirton and perhaps more importantly acts as a vehicle to make it as accessible as possible.  I am very happy to be able to make the Local History Group's website available via these pages, but of course a direct link to their site is www.pirtonhistory.org.uk.

Pirton - General History

Many of these articles have come from the Pirton Magazine and the website is very grateful to the editor Derek Jarrett and the authors for allowing these articles to be reproduced and therefore made available to all.

    Pirton History Website The Pirton History Website is an external website run by the Pirton Local History Group  
  Pirton's Glove Factory Pirton's Old Pubs Pirton's Old Shops  
  Motte & Bailey The War Dead War Memorial Names  
  The Pirton Belle (Bus)
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Methodist Church History The Pirton Hoard of Coins
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Pirton People

This area has articles stories and biographies of Pirton people, but also see the Genealogy area and World War 1 area.

  George Arnold   George Henry Hewitt  
  Nurse Win Baldwin   Homeguard  
    Trial Report
Wm Fowler, Wm Kingsley, Wm Crouch & James Pitts
Held at Bedford Assizes 13th March 1827


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