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Welcome to the Pirton ĎArchive website
(Pirton Historic Photograph and Document Archive)

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This is the sister website of the Pirton Village website www.pirton.org.uk and its purpose is to hold and provide access to the contents of the Pirton Historic Photograph and Document Archive.  The full name is obviously a mouthful and so for practical purposes it is shortened to The Pirton ĎArchive.

As the full name describes the Pirton ĎArchive holds Pirton related photographs and documents - usually scanned copies of the originals.  These are provided by owners and interested parties who are as keen as the Pirton ĎArchive to preserve this information for the future and to make it available to anyone with an interest.  The intention is that, copyright and owner permitting, copies or images of everything held will be made available via this website.

That in itself does not guarantee the preservation of the archive so periodically copies are provided to the Hitchin Museum.  The Pirton ĎArchive is proud of its relationship with the Hitchin Museum and its successive curators and would like to publicly acknowledge their interest and help, firstly in recognising the value of the aims of the Pirton ĎArchive and for so generously providing access to Pirton related information.

Of course the archive can never be considered complete and we are always keen to add more, it has also proved important to collect and copy related information as soon possible - it is surprising how often the information is lost or destroyed - often people inherit items and simply do not know their value to others or what to do with it.

Can you help to make this archive a truly unique record of Pirton's history?

If you have photographs, documents, newspaper cuttings, family stories, genealogy information etc - a single item or a collection a snippet of information or volumes please consider letting the Pirton ĎArchive help preserve and hold copies.  Copies of most of what is held  can be made available to interested parties (owner and copyright permitting). Information on providing or obtaining copies can be found via the navigation buttons "About the ĎArchive" at the top of this page.  Of course if you can add or correct any names, date or other information please let us know.

There is a history and genealogy email circulation list associated with the Pirton 'Archive, which you are welcome to join.  It is used to provide information on related topics and news and is occasionally used to request information on behalf of those undertaking research.
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Thanks for your interest.

Jonty Wild

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